Monday, July 22, 2019

To the Anonymous Spammers Filling My Comments... AGAIN

I've been getting hit the last three weeks by these comments for outdated posts (especially one from 2016 that I guess is the top Google Search result for a certain Comic Con).

All of the comments follow three patterns.

1) Happily saying "gee I found your fun article" without actually spelling out that article's specific arguments/content.

2) Loving the layout/design of my blog, even though it's a cheap Blogger template using cheaper graphics and borrowed clip art.

3) Offering to provide an important link to another website that likely is a virus-laden sales page for terrible marketing plans.

This is why I have filters up. Even more than trying to block Anonymous commentators who show up to insult me or others (I get one of those for every hundred I get of the spambots).

I'm not trying to block people from making comments, I would like to hear more from some of you. I'm just trying to keep my pages clean and reduce bad traffic.

I just want honest commentary with at least SOME semblance of an online ID to back up your talk.

At least this current wave of spam isn't all Chinese glyphs I can never read like what I get at my librarianship/writers' blog.

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