Saturday, February 04, 2023

Taking a Break February 2023 Edition

I'm going to avoid blogging for this month of February so I can focus on a novel project I really REALLY want to get done: A book on American political ideologies (aka the -ISMs). I'm focused on this because  my nephews and niece are now in their 20s, and I'm a little worried their political belief structures are going to get overwhelmed in this age of misinformation.

That means I'm re-reading what I know about Liberalism and Conservatism, and gearing up to tear apart Libertarianism - I'll probably just quote verbatim from that book about bears - as well as a quick explanation why Socialism never worked out here in the states the way it did in Europe.

I'm going to have to figure out how to fit Moderate - which has a function in politics but not its own party - into a chapter. Can Moderatism (see, I get a redline spelling warning, that's not a real word dammit) fit into the -Ism model? Maybe conflate with Pragmatism?

I've already read through a number of books, but got about five more to crunch into the coming weeks. Busy already.

Stay safe out there, blog readers.

(Having promised this, watch as prosecutors in Georgia, New York, and DC file criminal charges on trump this month. ...sigh)

Update: Okay, yeah, the whole Chinese Spy Balloon Saga got waaaaaay too silly but what the hell, they'll be partying in Surfside Beach, SC this weekend celebrating the shootdown!


dinthebeast said...

The joke used to be that a libertarian was just a Republican who liked to smoke weed, but today's libertarians mostly seem like meth users.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Paul W said...

Libertarians are not on good terms with bears, I tell you what. ;-)