Saturday, August 13, 2022

Florida Primary for 2022 Midterms, It's On

In some Florida counties they've already started early voting, but by today (Saturday August 13) they all should have the Early Voting setups for the party-level Primaries for this year's midterms.

SO GET THE VOTE OUT, DEMOCRATS AND LEFT-LEANING INDY VO... well, the thing about Florida is that the primaries tend to be closed to party-only, but there WILL BE items on the ballot - non-partisan races and local referenda - that Independent voters should cast ballots for as well.

You need to check your county's Elections website (check the state's elections directory here) and find out where the Early Voting polls are located. It helps to vote early to make sure you avoid the long lines that tend to form on August 23 for the Primary, and then November 8 for Election Day itself (for that, YOU NEED to be registered to vote by October 11 in Florida, so git 'er dun). 

Your county Supervisor should also provide Sample Ballots - search your Precinct info - so you can plan ahead (read up on the ballot issues and on the non-partisan candidates because they may actually be very partisan off-the-record).

They've crunched the timeline on Early Voting to where you get only a week to do it, otherwise plan ahead to stop at your local precinct to vote and get your choices known.

DO IT, FLORIDIANS. VOTE. These elections matter. Holding corrupt Republicans who haven't done a thing for our environment or our schools or our lives since the 1990s: That all matters. Ballot referendums regarding our schools and our health care and our rights: That all matters. Please get out the vote, and PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD stop voting Republican.

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dinthebeast said...

There's a guy running for county supervisor here who has a lot of ad signs up along Hwy41 and in Oakhurst, so when I went to fill out my primary ballot, I Googled him to find out what party he was in, and thirty minutes later I still couldn't find out. Meanwhile, though, my search turned up another candidate endorsed by the local Democratic party, so all in all, a half hour well spent.

-Doug in Sugar Pine