Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April Mini-Super-Tuesday Primary Today, Just Saying

There's five states from the mid-Atlantic/Northeast voting today, most of which are kind of foregone conclusions for both parties: Trump's polling has him sweeping Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island; Hillary's poised to secure four of those states while Bernie is in the lead in Rhode Island.

The way the math works, a Trump victory in even one state - especially a big one like PA - should pretty much eliminate Cruz from outright delegate victory. All that is at stake from this point is Trump needing to clear the delegate majority hurdle and secure the nomination on the first ballot.

Clinton's not going to win outright tonight, but a solid win in delegate counts in most of the states will pretty much affirm her inevitability as the nominee: this is the point where her momentum does kick in and the later states - California especially - will lean for her just to wrap things up. It will also wreck the narrative that the Sanders' followers have been pushing: by winning in obviously liberal-leaning northeastern states, Hillary will prove her broad appeal to the party as a whole and not by region (so SHUT UP about the Deep South states not counting).

Tonight's broadcasts are going to be drawn-out media back-patting affairs as usual, and likely the Fox Not-News people and fellow media elites on CNN and MSNBC (sorry, folks, this ain't your daddy's librul channel anymore) are gonna be spoon-fed the narratives about Trump becoming more "presidential" for some godforsaken reason. Just keep the channels on to watch but put the volume on Mute, and finish writing that damn novel everybody (or is that just me?)!

I'll be writing something else later today. Damn, I have blogged like a mofo this month...

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