Friday, April 08, 2016

We Gotta Go To the Crappy Town Where I'M A Hero

Remember that bit where Florida Governor Rick "Medicare Fraud" Scott showed up at a Gainesville FL Starbucks and got his ass chewed out by an angry woman?

Apparently, the confrontation so rattled Scott and/or his handlers, and got so much national attention, that Scott and/or his handlers thought it was a good idea to issue an ATTACK AD against that woman - Cara Jennings, who is currently standing atop the leader's position in the Floridian Of The Year contest - who had the effrontery to bitch-slap him five ways to Friday. Per the Jezebel:

The ad was released by Scott’s official political action committee, Let’s Get to Work, which backs him and funded his reelection. The the ad is titled—really—“Latte Liberal Gets an Earful.” (For accuracy’s sake, of course, let’s be clear about the fact that it was Scott who got an earful—beating a retreat so hasty he didn’t even get any coffee, while Jennings scolded him like a Voldemort-looking, dick-resembling disobedient puppy.)


Of course, the ad accuses Jennings of being "terribly rude" for dropping the 'asshole' bomb in public. WELCOME TO FLORIDA, B-TCHES.

Granted, Jennings did serve a term in local office as a Lake Worth City Commissioner and she is working free-lance - hence her being at a laptop in a work-friendly eatery - for the SEIU (making her pro-union). But it's not like she's going to be Scott's primary adversary for his planned run for the 2018 US Senate seat (unless Senator Nelson retires and picks Jennings to be his heir).

The Jezebel article links to a public statement Jennings gave to the Sun-Sentinel, so let's link it here:

Jennings said she was at the coffee shop working on a freelance job for the Service Employees International Union. She said she doesn't receive public assistance right now, but even if she did, it shouldn't matter.
 "Gov. Scott and his PAC are bullies," she said. "Instead of addressing the issues I brought up he's using the power of his PAC to try to intimidate someone who spoke out against his policies."
Jennings said the viral video of her tirade doesn't capture the beginning of the conversation, which she said was civil.
In a letter to Scott's office, Jennings invited the governor to meet her for coffee on April 20 in Tallahassee at the café of his choice.
She wants to discuss Planned Parenthood, voting disenfranchisement, increasing the minimum wage, climate change and deaths in Florida's prison system. (Note: Damn, I hope she DOES run for Governor now)
"A lot of people in their life fall into a gap of work," Jennings said. "They need to be on public assistance, and they shouldn't be admonished for that."
She said she fell into the Medicaid gap and was unable to get coverage when she took a year off to care for her infant son...

If this is how Scott handles a single person shouting at him in public, just how easy is it going to be for everyone else in the state of Florida who HATES HIS UGLY THIEVING SELF to get under his skin and make him flake out?

Meanwhile, I'm upset because I've been yelling and insulting this Medicare Fraud for YEARS - lemme reach back into the archives for this, ah here we go from August 2010 - and yet *I* don't rate a fookin' attack ad. My ego's in the gutter over this one.

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