Wednesday, April 06, 2016

So This Happened In Florida, April 2016 Edition

There are days I miss living in Gainesville, FL. The place just kind of agrees with me, even though I never really took advantage of some of the sights and activities of the city.

For one thing, I never go to a Starbucks. I just don't drink coffee.

Which means I would have missed this moment when Rick "No Ethics" Scott showed up and got chewed out by an angry mom:


Just two things of note:

1) What the hell was Rick "No Ethics" Scott doing in a liberal enclave like Gainesville, and

2) What the hell was Rick "No Coffee For You" Scott doing in a liberal enclave like a Starbucks?!

So anyways, here's the thing when you cut off social services, Republicans: you piss off  working moms in a big way.

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dinthebeast said...

Awesome. Thank you for that, I really needed it.

-Doug in Oakland