Monday, April 04, 2016

Okay, BernieBros, You're Starting to Piss Me Off (w/ Update)

Update: Thanks again for the link on Crooks & Liars Mike's Blog Round Up, Infidel753!

I know that primary seasons bring out the worst in the partisan splits between intraparty factions, but I had hopes the Democrats would at least behave themselves as the (mostly) sane national party out there this Presidential cycle.

But the Bernie Sanders followers are starting to get on my nerves here.

One thing bothering me is how they're discounting the states where Hillary had decisive wins - mostly in the Deep South - as "meaningless", as though those states - which tend to have large populations of registered Democrats - don't matter.

Comes across as sour grapes to these No-Party-Affiliate ears.

And having actor Tim Robbins come out in a stump speech to say:

"We've all been fed a steady stream of simplistic propaganda that furthers the establishment's narrative that Hillary's the presumptive nominee," Robbins said during a rally in Green Bay.
"And if we were sheep, if we had gotten in line, there'd be no problem now," he continued, saying "establishment figures would get elected" and figures like Sanders would be "marginalized."
"Times have changed," Robbins said. "We are done with compromising our ideals."

He can argue against the Narrative that Hillary is the presumptive nominee, except he'd be flying in the face of numbers that have her ahead in delegates and total voter turnout so far. Fine, he's stumping for his guy.

But using the word "sheep" to describe the other side of his argument is a huge turnoff for me.

That's the language of the Internet Troll, the contrarian naysayer with the conspiratorial mindset. Whenever that Troll is confronted by a majority of people who argue against the insanity that Troll defends, said Troll tends to call everyone else "sheep"... "sheeple"... and then a slew of obscenities that shows how that Troll lost that argument. It's a sign of how that Troll is dismissing the value those other people have.

Granted, my calling a Troll that derogatory term is dismissive as well, but I'd like to think when I do so it's because that Troll's actions deserve such scorn. Getting called "sheep" or "sheeple" usually happens just because the person accusing others of being that is no longer capable of defending his/her argument, and is reduced to condemning the other side without proof of it out of spite/hate/fear.

Here's the deal, Bernie followers: Hillary's supporters are NOT sheep nor sheeple. A majority of Hillary's followers have solid reasons to side with her this 2016 election, and they have reasons not to share the worldview you've got that make you side with Bernie with such fervor.

In your pursuit of defending your candidate, you're going out of your way to insult fellow Democrats and Left-leaning centrists who are still a vital part of the Democratic party's chances to win big this 2016.

As much as you feel alienated from having a Far Left / progressive agenda get shot down for 40-plus years since the rise of Nixon and the Republican Southern Strategy, you're not helping by alienating the more moderate, pragmatic party members who aren't going to be in the mood for your denunciations and scorn.

You've got bigger fish to fry than worrying about the Judean People's Front (splitters). You've still got Trump and Cruz sitting there a election cycle away from getting into the Oval Office and pretty much undoing not only Obama's legacy but also pretty much every positive step our nation's made since 1933. You've got votes for down-ballot Senate and House seats to try and break the GOP obstructionists destroying Congress. You've got a chance here and there to switch Red States away from bad Republican Governors and state legislatures passing anti-people laws.

Look, you can argue for Bernie Sanders. Argue on the merits, argue about the need to fight income inequality. Get ahead on the issue about the growing crisis in rental and homeowning costs for a majority of Americans. Go loud and strong on dealing with the massive personal debt crisis that got ignored by the Big Banks and Wall Street.

But stop with the insults and dismissal of your fellow Democrats. THEY ARE YOU AND YOU ARE THEY both on the same side of social justice and economic fairness, despite all the stuff about Hillary being in bed with Wall Street. At the end of the day, Hillary is still talking about making things work the way Democrats want things to work.

Okay? Just play nice with others, please. For the sake of the nation and our future.

And to all you Hillary followers: same deal. Congeniality among your ranks goes a long way towards being in a state of grace.

Just remember, both of you lot can crack all the "Republicans are batsh-t insane" jokes you want. It's cathartic and a great way to bond over crafted brews at the beatnik bars.


Anonymous said...

Great post! I'm tired seeing us all savage each other when it's so obvious that the real enemy is neither Hillary nor Bernie. We are in danger of a Trump or a Cruz presidency, for Pete's sakes. That's our real problem and not some clumsy statement Hillary or Bernie might have made about something. I support Hillary in the election but this doesn't make me consider Bernie supporters evildoers. I wish they granted me the same courtesy.

dinthebeast said...

James Carville, crotchety old reptile that he is, addressed this pretty well on Chris Hayes' show last night, saying basically that he's been watching them try to attack Hillary since '92, and even though it's all been a bunch of manufactured smears designed to lower her favorables, guess what? Her favorables have been lowered! Fancy that! Without lowering the discourse to accusations of ovinity, I would still caution everyone to "consider the source" before accepting accusations that happen to be politically favorable to the accusers...

=Doug in Oakland

Michael Corbett said...

You'd change more minds without the stupid "BernieBros" shot in the title.

Paul Wartenberg said...

To Michael: NAH.

Trollers gonna troll. >:-)

Unknown said...

I don't think the title is meant to troll. Rather it is used carefully to distinguish Bernie supporters who engage in this type of behavior (BernieBros as they are commonly labeled) from those who don't.

Paul Wartenberg said...

Every time I go write at the Barnes & Noble store in Brandon to get my stories finished for certain deadlines, I find out I get a link on C&L or something explosive happens like Boehner resigning, meaning I gotta go manage this blog during half the day.

It's a good thing, mind, but it is a bit distracting. ;)

Thanks to Infidel, sincerely, thank you for the links and traffic.

Also, TNC's first issue of Black Panther is out. GO GET.

Anonymous said...

People who support Hillary tend to do so with eyes open. They don't see her as a messiah who will solve everything. They see her as a flawed candidate, who has strengths and weaknesses, and since she her every action has been picked apart for decades, those strengths and weaknesses are out there for all to see.

Many Bernie supporters see him as the embodiment of all their political hopes and dreams who would triumph if only people were allowed to hear his message. There is no doubt that Bernie has been the victim of unequal coverage, often ignored or treated as an afterthought, but he has benefitted from this same dynamic, as he has rarely been pressed on issues outside his wheelhouse.

For the record I have no preference between them, and would be quite happy to see Bernie elected, although I imagine those who love him uncritically now would hate him with equal intensity when he invariably disappoints them as president.