Sunday, April 24, 2016

Poll: Throwing Out Book Title Ideas

I've mentioned once or twice before that I'm putting some of the essays I've written here - good lord, I'm almost to the 10-year anniversary - into a collection for print as a book. I decided to use the stuff I've written about Obama, his administration, and his tenure against a wall of GOP obstructionism that future historians may want views on.

As such, I'm a little stumped for a possible title for the work, so I'd like to waste more time creating a survey and asking all seven blog followers to tell me what looks SHINY AND CHROME and what is MEDIOCRE.

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I've wrapped up a few of the other writing projects I've been juggling - the story to Florida Writers Association, getting something published to teach the self-publish class I taught last week at the library, etc. - so I have time to finish collecting and editing the essays (also adding endnotes to cover the fact print books don't link to websites of info) hopefully by next month.

Oh, and I'll need to hire a cover artist. If there's a cartoonist who can draw Obama standing atop a pile of GOP elephants whilst waving the American flag and flashing the Vulcan salute, I'll pay about $49.95 for the cover rights...

Update: Creating an alphabetical index in OpenOffice Writer is messier than it looks.


dinthebeast said...

Good luck with your book. Let me know what it's called when it comes out so I can badger people into buying it...

-Doug in Oakland

Paul said...

Doug, I saw an editing error, so I revamped the survey, and if you can you'll need to redo it.

Paul Wartenberg said...

So far the polling has been light, but it's already narrowed down the top three-four possibilities.

One idea I have is this: combining two of the titles. Make one the primary title and the other the subtitle. Such as:

"Blogging Versus Teh (should I keep the intentional misspell?) Crazy": Defending Obama in the Age of Obstruction.

Paul Wartenberg said...

Well, polling turnout has been about as well as voter primary turnout, which is to say sucky.

I am of the mind to go with "Blogging Against the Crazy: Defending Obama in the Age of Obstruction" and see how it works.

I think I can get the Library Of Congress subject headings for the book under Obama, Barack - Public Opinion and see how it goes.

Paul Wartenberg said...

Well, I ended up going with this as the planned book title:

Surviving the Age of Obstruction:
Notes on the Obama Years